Self Furred Metal Lath

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Self Furred Metal Lath

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    • 商品名称: Self Furred Metal Lath
    • 商品编号: 979360427823423488

    Self-Furring Metal Lath is made for masonry surfaces with hardened concrete nails and fasteners. Materials used are usually hot dipped galvanized steel sheets.

    Metal lath used over solid surfaces to be furred approximately ¼ inch away from the wall to allow for the proper stucco keying behind the lath. Self-furred diamond mesh lath has a surface studded in dimples or embossed “V” groove that provide the required ¼ inch of furring. Fastener placement should be arranged so as not to negate the furring mechanism.

    Self-Furred Diamond Mesh Lath is secured to masonry surfaces with hardened concrete nails and power driven fasteners at the furring dimples. Paper backed lath is often used in this type of application as a bond breaker.

    The scratch coat is applied with complete embedment of the self-furred lath in the plaster.
    "Scratching" the scratch coat for maximum bonding of brown coat to the scratch coat.
    "Darbying" the brown coat to render a plumb and even surface.

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