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    • 商品名称: Forti-Panel


    The Forti-panel is reinforced with “V” foldings to increase the rigidity and strength. All panels have a 30mm barbed top edge for anti-climbing.
    Coating: The panels are made with hot dip galvanized wire then powder coated.
    Colours: Colours are available in green, white, black, others available on request.
    Type Available:
    Forti-Super:     Mesh: 200x50mm; Wire Dia.:5mm
    Forti-Strong:     Mesh: 200x50mm; Wire Dia.:4.5mm
    Forti-Standard:   Mesh: 100x50mm; Wire Dia.:4.5mm
    Forti-Promo:     Mesh: 100x50mm; Wire Dia.:4mm
    Sizes Available:


    Fence Height(mm)

    Fence Length(mm)

    No. Of “V” Foldings

    830 2000 or 2500 2
    1030 2000 or 2500 2
    1230 2000 or 2500 2
    1530 2000 or 2500 3
    1830 2000 or 2500 4
    2030 2000 or 2500 4

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