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Angle Bead

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    • 商品名称: Angle Bead

    Angle Bead is a product used for finishing drywall or stucco and is commonly used on outside corners to both protect and strengthen the corner from damage, as well as providing for a crisp clean edge that gives your work a professional appearance.  Angle bead comes in a variety of materials, styles and sizes, but the most popular and widely used are the "L" shapes that give a defined corner with two wings that allow the bead to be attached to the wall.  Holes in the bead are there so that the drywall compound or "mud" can pass through and bond with the drywall.  The holes are also a way for the bead to be nailed to the corner to hold it in place.  Drywall compound or stucco is applied over the wings and covers the corner.  The most popular bead is made from galvanized steel that provide best strength and minimal possibility of rusting.  PVC bead is also available, providing lower level of protection to the corner, but can be easier to work with and adaptable to irregular shapes.  Expand mesh angle bead is also used, primarily in stucco applications and the stucco is pressed through the mesh wings to key it into the surface below to form a solid and strong corner.  Specialty beads are also made for archways and other non-standard applications, as well as bull-nose corners for a different style, smooth corner and scree bead for use on irregular wall surfaces and to level floors.

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