Hebei Minmetals Co., Ltd. Was Awarded the AA Class Management Enterprise





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Recently, Hebei Minmetals Co., Ltd. was awarded the AA Class Management Enterprise of Shijiazhuang Customs.

Recently, Hebei Minmetals Co., Ltd. was awarded the AA Class Management Enterprise of Shijiazhuang Customs.

AA class management enterprise is applicable to: A class management has been applied more than one year; previous annual import and export value up to US$ 30 million (US$ 10 million for Midwest enterprises) or above; compliance with the requirements on customs administration, business management and trade security inspected by the customs; submit annual Management Status Report and audit report of last year issued by accounting firm every year, submit Form of Import and Export Business every six months.

AA class management enterprise is the highest credit rating recognized by the customs, may enjoy he highest level of convenient customs clearance within the country, in addition to enjoying convenient customs clearance measures of Class A, the customs will implement customs clearance under trust and assign staff to solve customs matters; electronic data on customs declaration may directly access to on-site review and inspection and clearance procedures after electronic examination; generally the import and export cargo will not be inspected by package opening.

President Hu Kebiao said, after the enterprise passed AA class certification by the customs, out goods can enjoy more convenient measures on customs clearance, the flowing rate of fund will be increased, and competitiveness can be strengthened. We must pretext of this 'gold-lettered signboard' to continue to make the enterprise larger and stronger.

In order to encourage the enterprises to abide the laws, improve the effectiveness of customs administration and ensure the effectiveness of customs administration, the Administrative Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Performing Classified Management of Enterprises by the Customs amended by the General Administration of Customs formally came into effect as of April 1, 2008. The customs will establish five management classes: AA, A, B, C, D in accordance with compliance with laws, administrative regulations, customs regulations, the relevant incorrupt rules and operations and management status, and the customs supervision, statistical records, to perform evaluation and classification, and announce the management class of the enterprises. The General Administration of Customs will apply formulate appropriate different management measures for different class, in which AA class and A class are applicable to convenient measures on customs clearance, B class is applicable to normal management measures, C class and D class are applicable to strict regulatory measures.